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Learning to Praise: We Will Not Be Shaken (Bethel Music)

CultureWren June1 Comment
My eyes ever fixed upon You, to live like a child to trust You. Oh I hold on to this treasured love. My life ever set at Your feet, I give You my heart completely to live this life always by Your side.
— You Are My One Thing

As I sit in my room, continuous melodies play on my computer. Tones of harmonic peace and mellow praise radiate and fill my hall. From powerful anthem songs and glorious outcries to quiet hymns and spontaneous worship songs, Bethel Music's new album, "We Will Not Be Shaken" seems to offer a song for any situation. However, main theme resonates throughout the whole album: an endless craving for God and a longing to be in His presence. Songs like "Home" and "Ever Be" talk about how much they long to be with God and praise Him, while "No Longer Slaves" and "You Don't Miss A Thing" focus on a deeper aspect of gratitude and appreciation of the sweet salvation we have been given through God.

I have come to this place in my life; I’m full but I’m not satisfied. This longing to have more of You. Would You come and tear down the boxes that I have tried to put You in? Let love come teach me who You are again…
— In Over My Head
Learning to Praise
I find myself brought to my knees thirsty for this reality; thirsty to be sinking deep into Him.
— C. Schmitz

Bethel's albums have always been centered on the Gospel, and often the lyrics are pulled straight from Scripture. It is the encouragement, however that seems to connect the listeners to the very heart of God while experiencing this unique form of worship. Chloe Schmitz, a junior worship and psychology student at Cedarville University says this about the album: "each song has a story behind it... It is a genuine, honest, and authentic album that seemingly relates to believers no matter where they are in their relationship with God... [the album] does not leave you hopeless, but with expectations that He will provide and strengthen even the weakest!"

  We Will Not Be Shaken (Bethel Music)  Album Cover

We Will Not Be Shaken (Bethel Music) Album Cover

Of course, I could talk on and on about how great Bethel’s music is, but the importance lies within the message of the songs, right? Here are some words used by young adults who have described the albums message:

  • Personal
  • Truthful
  • Scriptural
  • Prophetic
  • Peaceful
  • Encouraging
  • Creative

These are only a few thoughts on the musicality of this album. Though I could list many more, I will just leave you to ponder the words found in the first song on the album, sung by Hunter Stevens.

It will not, it will never be enough just to know about You Jesus and never call You my own; for my heart was made for love
— Home