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How to Use Pinterest for Event Planning

CreativityAllison Whisler2 Comments

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Pinterest has gained a reputation for being a major time-waster for women of all ages. The addiction to scrolling through endless 5-layer cake recipes, dream closet photos and design-your-own curtain tutorials is a common lament among women. While I have fallen prey, at times, to the perils of Pinterest, I have also found the idea-sharing website to be a useful and even essential tool for my job.

As a Chick-fil-A Marketing Director, I have the opportunity to plan numerous themed community and family events. Pinterest provides a helpful means for me to collect and organize all my thoughts, product pricing, and ideas for various themed events. Putting all my options in one place allows for easier planning and decision making.

Below are a few basic steps you can implement as you plan themed birthday parties, ladies nights, baby showers, or any other get-together!

1. Create a board just for your event.

Every event I plan gets its own board. This allows me to collect ideas solely focused on the particular event and curate a specific collection of inspiration. Plus, it prevents me from getting other theme ideas confused. Focus is key.

2. Install the Pin-It button to your browser.

Pinterest has a handy little plug-in you can install to your web browser. This button sits up near your browser’s search box. Any time you are on a website with an image, idea or product you want to remember, you can click the pin-it button at the top of your browser to stick that image on your event’s board.

3. Search Pinterest for initial ideas.

 Photo Credit: Karen Whisler

Photo Credit: Karen Whisler

After I create a board for my event, I get the creative juices flowing by searching Pinterest for ideas. For example, if I’m wanting to plan a carnival themed event, I’ll search Pinterest for “carnival decorations,” “carnival games,” “carnival photo booth,” etc. I pin anything that piques my interest and seems to be headed in the direction I’d like to take the event.

4. Research product pricing on vendor websites.

Next, I begin looking on various websites that carry event supplies. Party City, Shindigz and Amazon are just three of my favorite go-to vendors. On these websites I will search for supplies- table cloths, wall decorations, games, favor items and more. Any items I may be interested in purchasing are pinned to my event’s board. In the description of the pin, I always include important decision-making information such as the price, measurements, or quantity of items in a package.

5. Upload smart phone photos to your board.

When I’m out shopping and find an item or inspiration for my event, I quickly snap a photo with my smart phone and upload the image to my event’s board through the Pinterest app. Again, I always try to add a description with any important details or thoughts about the item.

6. Plan your event.

Eventually, I build up a collection of products, ideas and inspiration that help me plan my event. I pull up my Pinterest board, sit down with a piece of paper or two, and plan out each activity, decoration, and detail that will be included. The board also assists with budgeting. For example, if I’ve pinned multiple tablecloths, I’m able to skim through, comparing the prices I included in the descriptions and select which one I’d like to purchase for the event.


While Pinterest can be a black-hole for your time, it can also be a productive tool for planning awesome events! There are amazing parties waiting to happen… what are you waiting for? Go, get pinning!

Have you ever successfully planned an event or project with Pinterest? Share about it in the comments below!