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Alive: Cimorelli's New Songs of Hope {music review}

CultureKatherine Kelly1 Comment

Fame, glory, money - what else could a group of musicians wish for? For Cimorelli, those pursuits were not enough, they knew they were missing something. That something was the healing hand of God in and through their music. The six sister music group saw the pain and hurt in the world and their fans and wanted to do something, so they did. They cancelled their record deal and decided to write songs of hope and healing. They wanted to produce songs that those who struggled with self-harm, guys, sex, and drugs would relate to and, through them, see hope. Earlier this year, they released Up At Night, their first album with a positive focus, but that was not enough. Cimorelli had so much more to share. So now, released December 21, 2016, they come to us with a new album, Alive.

Alive shows the hope and joy you can have through faith in God. It describes pain in a real way. One of my personal favorites on the album is, “Love of a Man." The song tells how one can give so much for the simple love of a man. It beautifully describes how all we want is the love of a man and how that is how we end up in trouble. As girls we all too easily seek approval, a feeling of closeness, and the touch that a man can give. In the process, we forsake our own good. Another great track on this album is, “Never Let Me Fall." In this song you hear the desperation of night contrasted with the glory and hope of the Lord. It goes,

And I will rest in Your peace

Cause You're never gonna leave

You lift me up, You're with me through it all

You'll never let me fall

No You'll never let me fall

The picture of hope offered through Alive is refreshing to hear in a pop culture where hopelessness seems to be most loudly proclaimed. Overall, this album is full of songs that show the reality of life, addiction and brokenness while pointing to promise and redemption through the power of Christ. For me, Alive will be a keeper - an album I plan to listen to over and over.

The author was provided with a complimentary copy of this album in exchange for an honest review of the music. All opinions shared are that of the author.