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Natural Beauty Hacks: Lavender & Coconut Oils

BeautyAbigail Killingbeck7 Comments

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As I grow older, I am realizing the importance of living healthy, with what I eat, what I put on my skin, and my spiritual life. Today, I want to share a couple health conscious beauty hacks. These ideas specifically feature two of my favorite oils - lavender oil & coconut oil!

Lavender Oil

It is recommended to replace your make-up about every three months. As someone who wears make-up almost everyday, I would be pouring a LOT of money into make-up. However, I have discovered the power of essential oils!

Did you know that putting one drop of lavender essential oil into your mascara it adds benefits every time you lather those lashes!

  • Extends mascara life
  • Easy glide application
  • Strengthens and lengthens your lashes
  • Anti-fungal
  • It smells amazing!

Coconut Oil

  • Apply coconut oil to cotton ball or swab and use in place of make-up remover. This removes make-up easily while hydrating the skin.
  • Use the coconut oil on your legs as an after shave for smooth silky skin

Coconut oil has a vast number of benefits and numerous ways to use it. It is certainly a great oil to have on hand. I could go on and on about how beneficial this oil is but this post would be far too long!

Do you use lavender oil or coconut oil in your beauty routine? What's your favorite beauty related use for these oils?