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Failed... But Not a Failure

SnapshotsSara Barratt12 Comments
 Photo Credit: Cassidy Shooltz

Photo Credit: Cassidy Shooltz

I walked to the stage. Took the microphone.  Stared out into rows and rows of seats gazing back at me. All empty. All but three. But it was enough. Those three terrified me.

I love music, don’t you? I love listening to it, and worshiping with it. But mostly, I’ve always loved to sing. Not that I’ve actually sang in front of an audience, but I dreamed about it. So naturally, when my church posted that they were holding auditions for the worship team, I jumped at the chance. Well, sort of. Part of me really wanted to. Another part just wanted to keep things the way they were — safe.

Safety lost that battle. I filled out an application and nervously practiced for the big day. Finally it arrived, and with it a truckload of doubts. Would I be good enough for them? Was I really strong enough to open up this part of my heart for criticism?

Whether I was or not, didn’t matter now. I had to do it. That evening I sang the three songs, then sobbed my way home. I wasn’t going to be accepted. Somehow I just knew.

I was right.

It wasn’t a shock. There were no more tears. But what I didn’t expect was the onslaught of regret.

I could have been resentful or thought they were being too picky. However, I thought too highly of them to do that.  So instead, I bought into the lie that I wasn’t good enough. Not just my voice, but myself.

But that wasn’t true. Instead of giving it to God, I allowed the enemy to attack my self-worth. I allowed him to take one event—one failure—and turn it into so much more. I allowed it to define me.

 Photo Credit: Cassidy Shooltz

Photo Credit: Cassidy Shooltz

My sweet sister in Christ, I don’t know what war is raging in your mind. What challenges you’ve been through. But what I have learned is that I am not what the enemy was trying to label me—a failure. I may have failed in one area, but it’s not enough to let it crush my spirit, hope, or joy. Because my joy and worth is not found in the changing circumstances of our unstable, often harsh world. It is found in my unchanging Savior. And I know what He calls me.




A work of art.




The world will proclaim otherwise, but you and I were created for great things.

So, my sister, you will fail sometimes, but you’re still successful. Don’t be afraid of failure. When you take a leap of faith, sometimes you’ll fall. But if you never venture outside the prison of your comfort zone, you will never truly live the beautiful, full life God has planned.

Don’t cower under the shadow of regret — step into Jesus’s breath - taking sunlight, and bask in His love. 

You are a daughter of the one true King.