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Lioness Arising {book review}

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Lioness Arising {book review}

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Growing up, I was never attracted to lions. I remember my brother was given a stuffed lion for his birthday.  For some reason that never really set well with me because I associated lions with fierceness and they scared me. I knew I did not have to worry about running into one as zoos are just about the only place in our country that house lions, but I had a wild imagination.  Thus, I never associated a real spiritual connection with the nature of lions until about a year ago.

I noticed that there was frequently some form of mentioning a “lion” either in the church body or in my social circles and it began to resonate with something inside of me but I could not put a finger on what that was. It was around the same time that I heard about Lisa Bevere’s book Lioness Arising. The title was intriguing so much that I went to YouTube and began to listen to Lisa teach on the lioness. It blew my mind to say the least, but my heart connected to it. When I found out the women’s group was hosting the study Lioness Arising, I am pretty sure my heart literally jumped inside of me and I knew I needed follow through with this study.

God’s original design for women has always been a heart-cry of mine. I think culture and even forms of religion have set boundaries for women and have kind of told them to stay in “their fence” and for their safety do not cross those boundaries or you’ll die. (That’s a little far-fetched in The United States but please hear me) I love the way Lisa brings out biblical truth in the context of the time when biblical scriptures are written. I now realize how much context affects the actual meaning of words. 

The characteristics of the lioness are stunning. Lisa studied lions, lionesses and prides for a great length of time before compiling her research in her book and safari guide.  She broke down her findings into eleven chapters. Each chapter deals with an aspect of how lions, lionesses, and prides live; intertwined with dynamite spiritual applications to our lives today. Nature is a great teacher. It reflects our God, as He created all of it.

God is awakening men and women to rise to their calling. To take hold of their strengths and use them well.  Lioness Arising, is a call for women to rise and realize what has been given to them and begin to work together as women in Christ. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses but we all NEED each other. We were not created to do life without community, the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and prayer.

If you are looking for some good meat to chew on, I highly recommend getting this study. I used all of the resources: the book, the safari guide, and the DVD. If you are not able to get all three, I would still strongly suggest getting the book.