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Are You Ready for Bikini Season?

Culture, BeautyCassidy Shooltz5 Comments

It was a hot summer day. The sun was shining and temperatures were on the rise. I was headed to my friend Marie’s house on my purple bicycle. “What a perfect day!” I thought to myself as I came up her driveway; my favorite thing to do with Marie was to swim in their beautiful backyard - they lived right on a gorgeous lake, as did many pre-teens our age.

Two-Sided Beauty

BeautySkylar BoggsComment

Earlier this month, I was challenged by someone on Instagram to post a picture of me. In the picture, you are supposed to have makeup on one side, and no make up on the other side of your face. This made me think about two things.

Overcoming the Mirror

BeautyMelissa NeuverthComment

Overcoming self-image is a common struggle for young women of all ages. We live in a body conscious world full of products that promise, “This will make you beautiful. It’s all you need”. Their lies prick our minds at a very young age and carry throughout adulthood. In the passing generations, society has portrayed many standards that have given us a poor image of what is acceptable and beautiful.